Header of the flowed table got missing on 3rd & subsequent pages under some scenario



My form has several flowed table (each table consists of 1 row only) that follows one another on a flowed page.

Each table is expandable and allowed page break within content and the table header row is checked with "Include in initial and subsequent pages" under "Pagination tab" and also checked with "Repeat Row for each data item" under "Binding tab" of the Object Palette.

It is normally ok until following scenario is hit:

If the 1st table nearly fills up to the bottom of the 1st page and there is just enough space to start the 2nd table's tabel header, this header will be shown at the bottom of 1st page and then continues to the next page, on this page the header row still appears for the 2nd table at the top, but when the data continues to flow to the 3rd page, the table header will be missing for subsequent pages.

I have tried LiveCycle Designer v8.0 & v8.2 and it is still not ok, just want to know if it is a bug.

Thanks in advance.





Try setting the Header Row to allow to repeat. I've had to set that Repeat option to get things to break over pages correctly.

Ryan D. Lunka

Cardinal Solutions Group