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Global formcalc addition to all fields


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I have a formcalc script in the enter and exit part of the script editor. It puts a border around the field you are inputting data into and then disappears when you exit. If I want to apply that to all of my fields, do I have to do that to each field individually, or is there some way to do it for all fields at one time? I have 4 pages of fields.


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I take it you figured this out by now. But perhaps someone else could use this.

I achieved this through posting code into the form1.#subform[0]:: ### : where ### is for you enter or exit.

form1 is the title of my form.

For example this is my code:


*].calculate.override = "disabled"

The * applies the script to all field names with that name.

This prevented the error prompt from appearing if the user tried to change a precalculated quantity.

Of course this script only applies to the fields in that subform.

I assume you know the script you need to use to created the boarders and such.