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Global Document Storage


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is the Global Document Storage a new thing in Update-1 ?

the install guide says to allocate 10-Gig for it, will it grow bigger than 10G?

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It was present in 8.0.1 also. In 8.2.1, its importance was highlighted more, that is all.

Depending on your use case, it could grow large. But for the initial implementation, only a couple of GB is enough.

More here:



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thanks for information.

I don't think that term "global document storage" was present in the 8.0 install guide, but it is in the 8.2 install guide even for a single server. that's why I asked.

your blog appears to be talking about its importance in a cluster environment.

my (future) production server is only a single server, not a cluster.

is there a formula for calculating the size requirement of this thing? since it's a production server, just want to be extra careful and be properly prepared.

or, perhaps I should ask it this way: under what circumstances will it become very large, out-of-controlly large?