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Formatting Radio Buttons


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I am using:

-Windows Vista

-Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 Extended

-Acrobat comes with LiveCycle Designer ES (version 8.2....)

I am a newbie who just completed the initial three introductory exercises in the LiveCycle help.

My question is, when I create a radio button with:

-Object: sunken square

-Layout: caption on top

-Border: solid

How do I center the sunken square radio button within the solid border of the radio button object?

Using the Paragraph Palette, I can format the caption to be in the middle of its solid borders. I can't figure out how to center the sunken square inside of its solid borders. At present, it is heavily biased to the left hand side.

I note that on the Layout Palette, the margins are:

-Left: 0.0394in

-Right: 0.0394in

-Top: 0in

-Bottom: 0in

To recap: I am able to center a caption within a radio button object. I would like to know how to center the radio button itself within a radio button object.


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I am unaware of a method of centering the caption and RadioButton simultaneously. A workaround could be achieved by turning the caption to None and setting the left and right margins to equal values. Equal margins will centre the RadioButton. Place a Text object above the RadioButton to replace the caption.



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Hi Steve,

Thank you for replying. By playing with your idea, I found that the right margin governed. If both margins were set equally, then the RadioButton might not be centered. By either increasing or decreasing the right margin, I could center the RadioButton.

I like your idea of simply eliminating the caption and placing text above.

I want to create several questions for a recipient to rate a service from one to five, with five being the best. Knowing that the leftmost RadioButton is worst and the rightmost RadioButton is best, I don't require having a caption with its numerical value for every radio button. I can just place the numerical values at the top of the list of questions, and proceed from there.

Thank you for your help.