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Form Calculation.


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Hey guys this will probably be the worlds dumbest question but here goes.

I am very new to using and creating PDF forms but I gave it ago I have created a monthly report form and did a lot of reading and set it up how I believe was correct.

I want to now calculate 2 columns into totals every text I read make reference to using the calculate tab.

For the last 2 hours I have been trying to find the calculate tab as described in the adobe text

"The Calculate tab appears in the Properties dialog boxes for only text boxes and combo boxes"

What am I doing wrong why cant I find these 2 tabs

I am actually close to going back to using an excel form that we used to use.

Cheers in advance Steve
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You are reading the help for AcroForms and not XFA forms (which is what you build in Designer). Look at the help in Designer and not in Acrobat.

You will need to create a calcution script to accomplish what you want.