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Flowed subform not breaking properly at page break


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I have posted an example of my problem at


(a picture worth a thousand words . . .)

I have a positioned subform, page breaks allowed.

On the right this (main)subform contains an expandable (notes) text input object, page breaks allowed.

On the left, it contains a flowable subform, page breaks allowed. This subform contains a (step) subform with an expandable text input object, page breaks allowed. The user can create copies of the step subform.

If the user enters enough text in the notes field to force a page break, things work fine. Part of the text is on one page, and the remainder is on the following page, in the correct horizontal position (under the text of the preceeding page).

However, if the user either creates enough copies of the step subform to force a page break, or fills one of the step fields enough to force a page break, ALL steps, and the right notes field are sent to the top of the next page.

How do I force the break to appropriately divide the content of BOTH the left and right portions of the main subform? That is, to leave the appropriate steps on each page, and the appropriate part of the notes text on each page?
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