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FlexSession and states


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I am a new user, so first of all: I am Sara, I'm italian and
new to flex and actionscript development :)

I am trying to build an LDAP browser using Flex 3 and JavaEE
(Tomcat, Java6, BlazeDS).

My application is composed by two mx:states, a login state
and an application state accessible only if the user authenticates
against out LDAP server.

The authentication part looks good: I create a RemoteObject
that performs the various lookups in LDAP. Since I need to store
LDAP environment informations, I create also a FlexSession object
in which this information is stored.

Through the Tomcat SessionManager I can verify that the LDAP
environmnet data are stored correctly.

At this point, I need to "populate" my main state, the
authState, if the user is authenticated.

I want to show to the user some data regarding his LDAP
entry, for example the principal. Using the same FlexSession class,
in the login phase I add to the session some other data such as the
user's principal string. The Tomcat session manager shows me that
the attribute "principal" is not null, but the flex client does not
retrieve this string.

While debugging I notice that the method by which the client
should retrieve the string is not called. The flex client correctly
calls the login() method but not the getPrincipal() method. If I
try to call it directly from actionscript, for example


public var princ:String = "EMPTY";

public function doLogin():void


if (session.login(txUsername.text, txPassword.text)){

princ = session.getPrincipal().lastResult as String;

lbWelcome.text = "Welcome, " + princ;



the client throws an exception because session.getPrincipal()
returns a null object, BUT the attribute "principal" is populated
in the session.login() method (and exists in the tomcat session).

My doubt is: is FlexSession bound to a specific mx:state?
Should I retrieve the existing session in an other RemoteObject,
and then try to call attributes in the retrieved session? And how?

Thanks in advance

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You have to write these statements in result hanlder. Coz, here you have just sent a request to server and in the next statement you are checking the result. At that time you will not get any result, actually some time will be spent to comeback from server.

princ = session.getPrincipal().lastResult as String;

lbWelcome.text = "Welcome, " + princ;

So handle everything in coll back.

<mx:RemoteObject id="Server" destination="ServerDestination" fault="faultHandler(event)">
<mx:method name="getPrincipal" result="getPrincipalHandler(event)"/>

private function getPrincipalHandler(event:ResultEvent):void
= event.result as String;

Try this, and let me know your results or concerns...