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Flex data services


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Hello all ... I want to learn life cycle data services of
flex .. Can anybody show me some basic example or link of any good
tutorial ....

Should i install java before it..Flex 2 or Flex 3 which
version is good ....
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LiveCycle DS is a server side product which helps your Flex
applications to interact with web servers in many ways than normal
request response using HTTPService.

Yes, you need to have Java SDK for creating Java classes and
web server with servlet container like Tomcat. You can may be have
a look at BlazeDS which is like a sub version of LCDS and is free
as well as open source.


BlazeDS dev docs:


LCDS dev guide:

Accessing data from Flex:

Hope this helps.


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thanks but i can also use jrun 4 server... What's that? Is it
necessary to use a server means wither tomcat or coldfusion server
to use live cycle data services ES 2.5.1.

Is it compulsory to use java classes there in live cycle data
services ES 2.5.1.


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Yes, exactly you can use any sever supported by LCDS. jrun
and tomcat are among the list of supported servers.

Can you please explain "Is it compulsory to use java classes
there in live cycle data services ES 2.5.1."

Hope this helps.


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thanks for your reply .... Look I am new in flex life cycle
data service .. I don't know it's uses and benefits .. As a flex
developer I am going to learn it.. I have downloaded and install
LCDS in my system .. Now i am using flex builder 2 and using the
third option of flex ......> create flex project-->flex data
service --> and in root folder i am using
C:\lcds\jrun4\servers\default\flex this path .. I am getting error
that undefine url in config.xml ..

Now then i am using flex 3 again same and choosing J2EE
server and again same root folder. it's working ..No problem

But now i want to go ahead means i want to interact with data
in lcds using any server scripting ... But i am unable to find any
solution for it ... I am a .net programmer also but can understand
java code .. I am looking for a sample in which anybody can explain
that how to interact with server side code in lcds ....

Please help me to learning lcds ............'

thanks in advance


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I noticed when approaching Flex Data Services (BlazeDS and
Live Cycle Data services ).. I noticed there was a huge gap of

I think what your looking for is a base start to using
BlaseDS along with flex.. So here are a few things I noticed which
may help:

BlazeDS is a java based meaning it needs a Java program such
as Tomcat or JBoss to run..

By standard blazeDS comes with tomcat that will run on your
computer… And LCDS (live cycle data service) comes with JRun
(for local development use only)…

Remoting needs you to create a Java classes in order to pass
data, for example from a database… Now this side of things is
quite JAVA and therefore you’re probably going to need to do
do Java programming.

However the messaging side of BlazeDS works well with
flex… If this is what you’re looking into, you should
concentrate on the producer and consumer mxml objects:



At first glance, these two seem stupidly simple and
un-powerful, but as you start to understand how to use them between
multiple applications, you will see how powerful they are.

To get you pointed in the correct directions, review this
blog and focus on the tutorial section:


Also remember that before live cycle, it was Flex Data
Services, try searching for some tutorials or learning materials on

And also if your new to all this start with BlazeDS as it
seems more user friendly. Its just like using a restricted version
of LCDS. But works very much the same.!

Hope this helps, JC


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I have followed all the steps given in

I am using coldfusion 8 with multi server .. I have also
installed lcds 2.6 and using flex builder 3 ..

Whenever i am running this sample getting error Severity and

channel not found for reference 'cf-rtmp' in destination

I am unable to resolve this problem please help me ..