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Flex/Air Application Login - the best way


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I have small ideological problem :) I have login form in my
application. So, each user has his own login and password. As
serverside is used LCDS with secured destinations.

And here are two possible approaches:

1) I use server side auth. mechanism (Tomcat realm) to check
users credentials. I have custom auth. class, which check user
credentials. This works, but, i have some problems in logout
operation and if user enter wrong username or password.

2) Second way is this. I have only one user (which is
hardcoded in app or loaded from config). This user is authenticated
to server at the start (setCredentials() ). I need this, because
all destinations are secured. And the "real user" is verified
against the services that will bring the information if that user
is verified or not.

So, i don't know which approach is better. Now, using the

What do You think about this ? Which way is the best ?

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