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Filling PDF Form with XML data file


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Hello everybody.

I need help.

I created a form with LiveCycle Designer. I filled it and generated a XML data files. Now, I would like to fill the same blank PDF form with this XML data file.

I know that I can do it with Adobe 8.0 but I must do it in an C# / .NET application that I have to create.

(Forms I'm creating are not for me, I create the forms. Client uses them form but he don't have Adobe Acrobat 8.0, so he can't realise the automatic PDF filling with Adobe Acrobat 8.0)

So I am looking for help with ".NET" "COM" or other library to help me to do it. If someone has other idea just give it.

Thanks for your reply

Jean Pierre (sorry for my bad English)
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Hi Jean Pierre,

You would need to use Adobe Forms, or XPAAJ to do this




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Hello Mike

Thank's for your reply. I used XPAAJ and it works very well but my company his develloping software with C# langage.

I tried to convert XPPAJ to C#, I did it with the Java Langage Conversion Assistant but "Adobe Library" included in jar files cannot be translated to C#/.NET library. So, I can't use it.

I found some C#/.NET API on the NET but they are very expensive and my company don't want to pay. They want me to create my own solution with library given by Adobe when you buy Adobe 8. So I am looking for this library.

Is there an Adobe LiveCycle Designer SDK to help me.

Thank you in advance for your reply

Jean Pierre (student developing with LiveCycle Designer)


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Jean Pierre,

As long as you can provide an XML file in the same element layout as the form that you are using to submit you can do this with ASP, ASPX, PHP, JSP or whatever the current web world is using to send, recieve, format and process data. Here is a link that demonstrates using VBScript to crudely format and process XML data into Designer based Form. Obviously there are better ways to achieve the goal but this looks like this example was done on the spur of the moment.