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Fillable Form fields are linked when they shouldn't be


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I'm trying to fill in my employment history into a prospective employer's fillable form. When I input employment history into 1 block, it automatically replicates to the next employment history block. When I delete the replicated information, the previous block (the one I want to remain) also deletes. In other words, the 2 input blocks are linked. How can I unlink these 2 blocks? The other blocks in the form are fine - it's just these 2 blocks that are linked. Is this an issue that only the author can change?
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It sounds like the person creating the form did not test their final form.

What application was used to create this PDF form?

If it was Acrobat, the fields can not have the same name.

It it was LiveCycle Designer, do the fields have a binding of "Global" and the same field name?

I would notify the HR department of the company and ask them to have the form fixed.