Events + Message Data Templates



I have defined my own versions of the events TaskCreated and TaskComplete in which I specify the XSD Event Message Template so that I can pass "complex" information.

In my event thrower, I ...

* setup an event data map to pass my process instance id

* provide an xml variable as the event message data.

In my event receiver, I have my process data map set up with 3 values.

* assign the process instance id passed in the event data map to a local variable

* assign a particular string element in my event message data (xml) to a local variable.

These both work.

What doesn't work is assigning the entire event message data (xml) to a local process variable of type xml. My local xml process variable is always null.

I don't understand how I can map a single value from within the xml, but I cannot map the entire xml.

Any thoughts?





And if you look at the provided event samples.

In the POCancel event, they specify an event message template which contains "Order" information, but they never use it in the samples.