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Dynamic form switch between portrait and landscape pages


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There seems to be a problem with livecycle designer's pagination function for dynamic forms. In my case the problem occurs when the form switches from a portrait layout to landscape, then back to portrait.

Has anyone else run into this issue, or have a workaround?

I found a similar post (http://www.adobeforums.com/webx/.3c057e26) that suggests there may be a bug, but cannot confirm.

Here's the situation,

I have a dynamic form using an hierarchy as follows:

-Master pages






The subform body pages are linked to their respective master pages (1 for portrait page layout and 1 for landscape) through the pagination tab in the object palette.

Using instance manager, the user can choose to generate another 'subform2' page. However, the new 'subform2' page is always rendered onto a new "portrait" body page, instead of the "landscape" page that should be generated (so, half the form is cut off).

If I rearrange the hierarchy to place the 'subform2' page after 'subform3', there is no problem. It only seems to malfunction when I sandwich the landscape body page between portrait pages.

Any insight would be greeatly appreciated.
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This is not that diffucult.....I rememeber doing this in one of my forms....

I would have three content areas

ContentArea A (Portrait) linked to Subform A

ContentArea B (Landscape) linked to Subform B

ContentArea C (Portrait) linked to Subform C

Now I will set the Min, Max and Initial values for each of those Subform using Binding tab.

Then I will manage the page layout selection with each of those subforms using Object>>Pagination>>Place and link those to the Content area A B or C based on the layout they should go on. That should do the trick.

If this is not helpful just forward me a copy at n_varma(AT)lycos.com....I will try my best.

Good Luck,