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Dynamic drop-and-down lists


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I have two drop-downs, one static and one dynamic (based on the first

drop-down selection). A lot of data to be imported into the second

drop-down based on the first selection.

The major problem is importing data,..which is a big csv file under this format:


"1";"1";"11";"Sample 1"

"2";"1";"12";"Sample 2"

"3";"1";"18";"Sample 3"

"4";"1";"22";"Sample 4"

"5";"2";"81";"Sample 5"

"6";"2";"11";"Sample 1"

"7";"2";"12";"Sample 2"

"8";"2";"18";"Sample 3"

"9";"2";"22";"Sample 4"

"20";"2";"81";"Sample 5"

Need to ignore zip field. Drop and down 1 will be ID_county, and drop

and down 2 will be "name" based on drop and down 1 selection. The file

is big and cannot create the entries by hand,... any ideas?

This is a standalone PDF file created with Livecycle ES 8.2. I cannot use any web services and the final PDF document should not relay on an internet connection (dynamic populating the drop-and-down fields).

If there's someone that can help me with this, I can pay for his time spent on this. Thanks!
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