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Disable "Please fill up the following form" message


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Hi All, I am working on a PDF, which I'd like popup or tooltip function to be more user friendly.

Just found an example from planetpdf.com


So I follow this example and create my own form. But there is a major difference, in the PDF from planetpdf, it does not have that "Please fill up the following form" purple bar on the top. In mine, the bar always displays.

Because the PDF I am making actually don't have any field to be filled in, this message is really CONFUSING my colleagues.

Is there any way I can get rid of it? just like the planetpdf one?

I notice it is in 1.3 version, mine is in 1.4

And the tutorial in planetpdf is using lower version acrobat I believe, but I also believe I should be able to make a PDF with popup, and without that message bar.

Thanks in advance.
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