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Digging into the XFA data from AS in the form guide


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So I'm delving into the wonderful and wacky world of making custom layouts for Form Guides in Flex Builder, and I've got a question that hopefully y'all can answer or point me in the right direction.

So I've taken the SampleRepeaterAccordion file from the SDK and I want to modify it so that the 'title' of each accordion pane is drawn from the one of the fields in the pane itself. These values get populated in the initialize event of the subform the repeater is built off of, and the values do not change.

So I see that the title is an Hbox with a label that pulls the name of the panel and adds the index after the name. I've been able to modify that statement to pull the item that the repeater instance is based off of using the currentItem property of the repeater. So I have something like:


(where 'Resource' is the name of the field in the subform that I want to pull the value from).

This puts "[object Object]" into the label of the HBox. I want the value itself, however. I tried .rawValue instead of .value, but that came out blank.

So how should I be going about fishing data from the XFA form in the action script of the form guide? Or am I headed entirely the wrong direction? I didn't see any docs on this sort of thing. If I missed them, I'd appreciate a pointer to them!

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Hi Templeton,

Did you find any solution for it. Is there any way to tell in form guide that which field on the repeater I want to display in header.

I was also thinking of making it in flex a custom component to do that and also add filtering capabilities. do you know how can we filter records in repeater accordion or grid

Also can you send me your code if you don't mind