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Date time field problem


Level 4
Hello there

This maybe a simple problem but on the Date time field object i have input a display pattern and put the error message in. When I preview the PDF and populate the object with random text the pop up box will display my error message.

What it does not do is clear the text I have input so the date can be re-entered correctly, which is what I was expecting. Therefore the user can continue on without addressing the date correctly.

Can anyone advise what I should do to get this to work?


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Level 4

The first time I thinkanyone has answered their own post. So for the benefit of anyone else I added the folowing script to the exit event

of the date field object

if (page.subform.dateobject.rawValue == page.subform.dateobject.formattedValue) {


Not sure why it works but just played around with it.