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Custom Component - Need to call Java 1.5 compatible APIs


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Hi all,

I am running into several issues with my custom component.  I want to call a Saba LMS Java APIs that's using a Java 1.5 environment.  I think it's obvious but want to know if there is a workaround.  The Java Code works correctly in Eclipse when I run the application using Java 1.5 in my build path.  When I migrate the code to a LiveCycle Component project and generate the component jar - everything is fine. I have 4 jar files in the custom-path for the components.xml file.  It installs and starts properly.  However, I have problems when invoking the component.  One of the classes javax.xml.soap.SOAPConnectionFactory is re-define in sabares.jar and I get an error when I invoke: 

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class javax.xml.soap.SOAPConnectionFactory

at com.saba.client.infoservice.InfoServiceClient.authenticate(InfoServiceClient.java:133)

Any ideas as to what to do when trying to use a compatible Java 1.5 component in a LiveCycle ES 2.5 running with Java 1.6?


Alain Roy

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