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Connection for SourceData Connection Failed


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I have version Windows XP environment.

I created a simple msAccess mdb file with no security, using Access 2002. I have successfully bound the fields in that database's single table using OLEDB Database connection. Under connection string, I selected Microsoft Office 12.0 Access Database Engine. Data source is the name and path to the local mdb file that resides on my c: drive. Access permissions are Read only, since I just want the database to populate the form, then not allow the users to change any data in these fields.

When I select PREVIEW PDF, I get the error message: Connection for SourceData Connection Failed. When I click OK, the preview continues and I see all field information correctly, as if there were no error at all.

What am I doing wrong? This error is prohibiting me from distributing the form. The form originally came from an outside source, and as I understand it was created with Acrobat Pro version 8.

Thanks for any help.
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Is there any script on the form that is left behind from the inherited form?

In Designer, have a look at the hierarchy view, then in the script editor change the show dropdown to Events with Scripts. Then click on the root node of your form. This will show all scripts in the form. Is there a database open command in there somewhere?


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I clicked on the hierarchy tab.

I found Script Editor under Window and selected it.

I see the Show dropdown. There is no choice in the Show dropdown for Events with Scripts. My choices on the Show dropdown are:






Index change



and more...but not Events with Scripts


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In the hierarchy view choose the root node. Then in the script editor under the show dropdown ....right at the bottom is Events with Scripts


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I have a static pdf that I created in LiveCycle Designer 8.2 with Data Connections to a MS Access DB for values in multiple drop-down lists. Everything works great on my computer. It also works fine when I send people my pdf. When the pdf is opened in adobe through a web browser it prompts the user to connect the the db which it cannot because it is on my computer.

I checked and there is no database open command in any Events with Scripts.

Are there any settings I can change to make this prompt not show?


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How are you connecting to the Access DB? Are you using an ODBC connection?