Change All Elements in PrePrint



I have a form that is all dark grey background and white captions/text fields. I have to keep it like that due to corporate compliance, but when it prints, the background must change to white and all the captions and text fields that are white must turn to black (to save ink). <br /><br />There are two issues here. First, on my masterpage, I just have a rectangle the size of my page displaying the dark grey gradient for the background. I need to make that invisible on pre-print. I am not sure how to do this. If this is impossible or incredibly difficult, I am not that worried about it.<br /><br />The other issue is the bigger one. How do I change all of my subforms to have a background color of solid white (or transparent) and change all of my text fields/captions to black. In the prePrint event for the document I tried this statement (just a start to get the captions to change):<br /><br />for (i=0, i<this.elements.length, i++)<br />{<br />if (elements[i].caption.font.fill.color.value == "255,255,255")<br />{<br />elements[i].caption.font.fill.color.value = "0,0,0";<br />}<br />}<br /><br />Am I on the right track? Loops have never been my strong suit and I am relatively new to JavaScript/LiveCycle. If it was ASP.Net and C#, I would be just fine.<br /><br />Thank you for any help!





To get access to objects on the master page you must use a Pageset. So If your masterpage was titled Page1, then you would use form1.pageSet.Page1.Objectname ......

AS far as changing all objects you are on the right track but you have get a subset of objects first. If you post your email I will send you back a sample that shows how to get all of the obejcts in a form/subform