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Catching Exceptions and Writing Them Out


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I need to catch the stack trace of any Exception that occurs

in a process into a string variable. Any one know how to do

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are you using LC ES? if so every service operation in your process which throws a exception can be caught and handled as per your requirements


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Yes I can catch them but I need the stack trace it produced.

There should be a way to catch every Exception with one catch. But you can't and you have to make a catch for every type of Exception a service throws (ie. PermissionsException, PDFOperationsException, etc, etc.). Which means I know have 15 catches for a 2 step process.

What I need is... if the process fails at any point get the Exception stack and write it out to a error.log file... very simple but I have seen no examples to do this. The ES Architects dropped the ball on this one.


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I'm not sure whether there are any ways to catch an exception and write the stack trace to a string.

However, if you are debugging the application, you can see the stack trace from JBoss log. If you need more details in the log, change JBoss log level to DEBUG.

- To see JBoss log: go to \LiveCycle8\jboss\server\all\log\server.log

- To change log level:

Go to \LiveCycle8\jboss\server\all\conf\log4j.xml

Look for this line <param name="Threshold" value="INFO"/>

Then change INFO to DEBUG

Please don't be aggressive here. The fact that your question did not get answered does not mean the whole forum is useless.

Khoa Tran



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I'm not being aggressive I'm stating a fact. I have asked questions in the past and they don't get any replies or valid answers.


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Hi Defa

Here's your valid answer :-)

No, you can't get at the stack trace.

Yes, it's a pain that you have to trap each of the exceptions individually.

I imagine that the LiveCycle architects are aware of these limitations, and will be taking steps to address it.




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Figured that out, but only after wasting 6 hours.

Thanks for the reply though.