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Capture data in 1D barcode upon merging XML with XDP?


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The scenario is:

Forms Server 7.2.2 is being used for merging XML data with an XDP file to render a PDF (displaying a pre-filled form to user).

On the XDP, there is a 1D Barcode and few fields are mapped to this barcode (the barcode is intended to capture form identification information).

Upon merging, the barcode should capture the data of those fields (data is being fetched from a db and fed as XML to Forms server). This is required as the pre-filled form will be printed and then mailed to another location, where the barcode will be read using a decoder to capture form indentification.

Will the 1D barcode captures data from those fields, after merging XML with XDP?

The form is NOT Reader Extended. Is Reader Extending a necessity for enabling 1D barcode to capture data?

Is this also applicable for 2D barcodes?

Thanks a lot for your help! :)
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