Cant save form PDF



I dont know if this is going to be a bit of a broad question, but we have some LiveCycle v8.0 developed forms which are distributed out to various people for completetion and sign-off. We have encountered an issue with one form that some people can and cant save. There seems to be no reasoning as some have the same version of Adobe Pro v8.0 on a variety of systems, be it Windows 2K or Vista. They are not able to save whether they have signed it or not. Those users also have managed to save other forms. Where is a starting point for me to look at what may be missing either in the form itself or their machines?

Appreciate any advice.






It appears as though its a problem with Reader, but Im yet to hear if this is consistent.

Also, would there be a problem with digital signatures? We have contractors that roll on and off frequently, and therefore thier signatures are revoked...can this create problems for our forms?



Yes you can turn on capability in Reader by Reader Extending it. There are two ways to Reader Extend your file. You can extend the file using LiveCycle Reader Extensions (this has the full set of extensions available) or you can use Acrobat which has a small subset of Reader Extensions (Local save and digitla signatures only).