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Cannot set text to auto-resize


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There is no reliable way in LiveCycle to force text to resize to fit in a text box, keeping text bottom aligned. There should be.
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I've also been looking for an "auto-fit" property. There is one in Acrobat Professional, but not that I can see in LiveCycle.


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This is a pretty old post, but I figured I'd post this answer incase it helps anyone else in the future. I found the solution to this problem here:


And just incase the link stops working:

1. Select your text field

2. Go to your font palette

3. At the very top of the font palette, make sure your selector widget is set to "Currently editing value properties"

4. Set your font size to 0

This will allow the text to shrink as necessary to fit the text box. It's sort of counterintuitive, but it does work!

Hope this helps!