Can't import SWF into PDF



I'm trying to put a SWF into a PDF I designed in LiveCycle Designer. However when I save the PDF in Designer and open it in Acrobat 9 Pro, the multimedia options are grayed out. The only fix I've found so far is making a blank PDF in Acrobat, adding the SWF, import the PDF in LiveCycle and there design your PDF.

When I do it like this, some LiveCycle objects like Text are not available however.

In the above tutorial, James Ward first creates a blank PDF in Acrobat, opens it in LiveCycle, adds a TextField, saves it, opens it in Acrobat and adds the SWF. When I do it in that order, I cannot add an SWF to the resulting PDF. Only the way I described in the first paragraph seems to work. Can somebody tell me what I'm doing wrong plz?