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Can't get Sub-forms to Display in Right order


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Hello there

I have a strange issue with the positioning of a series of sub-forms using Designer

I have the following (schematic) structure

(Top Level Sub-form)

Sub-form 1

Label 1.1

Label 1.2

Sub-form 2

Sub-form 2.1

Test 2.1.1

Label 2.1.2

Sub-form 2.2

Fragment 2.2.1

Fragment 2.2.2

The fragments themselves have the following structure:

(Top Level Fragment, e.g. Fragment 2.2.1)

Text F1

Floating Field F1.1

Floating Field F1.2

Label F1

Sub-form F1

(Lots of fields and sub-forms)

The fragments themselves are quite long, typically more than a page. Whatever I do, Sub-form 1 (and its labels 1.1 and labels 1.2) are always shown at the top of the final page in print preview, typically breaking up a fragment. Try as I might, I cannot get them to be placed at the very top of the first page (as per the order in the design). I have tried a variety of ways to address the issue, including changing the positioning (flowed \ positioned etc.), and have played around with the keep with next and Allow page break within context settings, all to no effect.

Any ideas much appreciated.
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Send the form and a brief description of the issue to livecycle8@gmail.com and I will have a look.


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Thanks for the offer.

Rather strangley, I made some obstensibly unrelated changes to these fragments and the issue seems to have gone away.

Never really got to the root of the problem, but am not going to worry about it unless it reappears.