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Can someone translate this into idiot?


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I need to do the same thing this PP needed to do. This post answers my question, but I'm not computer literate enough to know how to do what he is telling me to do. Can someone translate this for me? As in, go here, click this, type this, drag this onto the screen, change this to this. I'm not a complete moron, but this is the first form creation type of thing I've done.

I do not need a header and footer or page numbers. I just need one text field at the end of the form that can be as long as the person typing wants it to be, and go from page to page so that it will print without that obnoxious black box plus sign at the bottom.




Text overflow to next page.

Kathy Potter - 01:09pm Feb 4, 2005 Pacific

We are trying to create documents in Adobe Designer 7.0. Some imported text will be lengthy, and we want the text to flow to the next page to accomodate the information if necessary, and have the page numbers automatically be added to the total. Page 4 of 4 would automatically grow to page 5 of 5. Can this be done? Also, we want some information kept together, and if there is not enough room on the page, the whole group would overflow to the next page. I would really appreciate help with this - even if it's just to say that this is not possible.

Thanks in advance.



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what you are trying to do is possible. There are atleast two general ways of doing this.

If the text data comes from a single field, then the xdp form can easily place the data onto each page and create a new page when required. You can repeat a header and footer onto each page as well.

in the repeating part of the page, you need to create your field that will repeat. This can be a single row field with the layout width property set to expand. Bind this field to your data source.

Wrap the field in a subform and set the subform property to Position Content. Once the following header and footer subforms are created, set the overflow leader and overflow trailer properties for this subform to those of the header and footer subforms.

Then, wrap this subform in another larger subform. This will be set to Flow Content. Add the header and footer subforms here (with appropriate fields).

That should give you an idea of how it can work.
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I can help you with the obnoxious black box plus sign - the place where it can be turned off is in Adobe Reader 7.

In Reader:

select the 'Edit' option on the tool bar

then select 'Preferences' from the bottom of the drop down.

click on 'forms' in the Category box

The fourth option (under the General heading) is 'Show text field overflow indicator' - remove the tick from the box.

I have been in contact with Adobe concerning this and other options that can only be set from within Reader and have requested that they are also made accessible from within Designer in a future release.

Hope this helps,



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Basically, these are what you need.

- First, you need to create a text field that allow multiple lines.

- Wrap the text field around a "flow content" subform.

- Make sure your subform "allow page break within content".

To get rid of the "plus sign", as John mentioned in this thread, you need to do it from the Acrobat form viewer.

Here is an example:


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This is an old discussion, but it is on point for something I am struggling with, however I can't implement the solution given:

We have created a form for capturing Personal Education plans required by our state. However state audit's require a printed copy of the form. Therefore I need the teacher's comments to print out in full (not just the top portion visible on the form). Have a text field object, where I want the form to print the wrapped or overflow text, and have wrapped the text object in a subform. However, the "allow page break within content" is grayed out, can not select. Ideally the text would print as a new page in the form.

Any ideas? (am working in 7.0)