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Calculation script on PDF 417 barcode


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I am using LC Designer 8.05.2073.1.374024. I don't want my barcode to update using the calculate event because it results in a heinous slow down in the form's responsiveness as the user tabs from field to field, making the form unusable. So I moved the script to pre-print, which seems logical. However, even though I have unchecked "Automatic Scripting", Designer still auto-generates a script in the calculate event that overrides my preprint event. From what I can tell, the problem was fixed in LC Designer, but other members of my development team don't have the more recent version.

Can you tell me if it's necessary to upgrade to avoid this issue or is there a workaround using Designer 8.05? Thanks.
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I don't think upgrading will change the nature of the problem or the possible solutions to it. The behaviour in Designer 8.2.1 is similar - there has to be script in a PaperFormsBarcode calculate event. Mind you it only has to be a comment. So if you put '// foobar' in the calculate event you are free to place encoding script anywhere you like.

Pre-print is a fine place to put the barcode encoding script, if you can guarantee the form will always be printed. The calculate event is the optimal location for a PaperFormsBarcode object in the event model.

I am curious about how you are encoding the barcode. Any occurrence of the depends function is definitely worthy of review. Are you using a collection?



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I had the same problem with my barcoded form. I tried the pre-print idea too with same results. I found there to be a problem in the adobe auto generated code for the barcode. I ended up writing my own code and leaving it in the calculate event and it works great! I posted a message to the forum a few months ago and one of the experts that scans the forums agreed that there is a problem with the auto generated code. If you post your email address I will send you the code I used in my barcode.




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hello, I too have the same problem, can you help me ?????
eventually getting the code