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Calculating Mulitple Fields


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I have a form with 5 columns across.

1 column on Left side is called Quantity.

2 Columns (next to each other) on the Right side. One mark "Prices" & One Marked "Amount".

I want to be able to place in my Quantities. Email to my Vendor. Have my Vendor put in price per each under the Price column. Then the amount calculated for them and appear in Amount Column.

I might as well know how to get a Total Field to work on the bottom of the page. I will have 20 Lines to add up.

Thanks in advance for any help and Tips

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If search help for "perform calculations in a table" there's a bunch of good info there. Specifically the "to perform calculations in a table" heading.


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I found the templates and choose one similar to my own document. I tweaked the template and seems to be working very well. I stumbled upon the templates by mistake. I thought yesterday if there were templates I could start with one of those. Glad I found them!
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