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Café feedback


Level 10


In using Café for posting to the forums, here is some feedback. I appreciate that some features may not be available in the Café version/AIR application.

  • When posting with apostrophe marks, they appear in the forum as ' and quotation marks appear as ". This could be confusing when providing a code snippet, where a quotation mark is important.
  • Is there a possibility of a spell checker in Café?
  • At present it is not possible to upload images into a post, but also you can't see images that other users have included in their posts. Is there a plan to deal with images?
  • I think it would be useful to have a visual indication that a thread has been answered. Possibly a subtle colour change to the thread in the index listing.
  • When considering increasing the width of the application, could the index also show who has posted last to each thread?  I think it would be more useful than the date/time of the last post.
  • I appreciate that the current interface is clean and uncluttered, however when responding to a post (particularly if it is a long one) it is useful to be able to read over the question while providing a response.
  • Just a few observations - thanks,


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