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Bootstrapping Error:ALC-TTN-100-004


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I downloaded "JBoss_EFGJ_DVD_Beta6" and then i installed Adobe Livecycle Reader Extension(manual installation). In "Livecycle ES Database initialization" stage following error has occured.

Bootstrapping Error:ALC-TTN-100-004

Failed on retreiving tasks from server.

ALC-TTN-100-004: An exception occured in the client-side bootstrap code:[null]

So please kindly advice me, how to solve this error.


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Hi Prabudass,

The client (LCM) was unable to handle the response returned by the server. The error code indicates that the server returned an HTTP response code that was not:

200 OK

404 Not Found

4xx (Any other 400-series HTTP response code)

5xx (Any other 500-series HTTP response code)

I'm not exactly sure what is causing this, perhaps a different 200-series response code is being returned?



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This was most likely cause by entering the wrong host and port.  To clarify, it wants the LiveCycle host/port, and not the host/port of your database.

Hope this helps someone,