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Barcoded form with XML-data


Level 8
Level 8
Hi all,

In our solution we have some barcodes on a form (7 barcodes on the one that I am using), they contain compressed XML data (I know that this uses much space in the barcode - anyway it should work regardless of this).

What the interesting thing is what is returned from the "decode-service" in WB.

When I run a scanned form through the process I have created I get "garbled" xml in my XML-doc that is returned from the decode-service.

If I use a handheld scanner (with a customly created program that handles the compression) I get the correct data from the barcode.

If I do not use compression in the barcode I get the correct XML data from the barcode (with the decode-service). This is weird to me... What is going on???

Some time ago I posted this issue ( but never really caught up with a solution.

Can you help me with this?


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Level 10
Try to use the Extract to XML operation to get xml that makes sense after the Decode step.



Level 8
Level 8
Hi again Jasmin,<br /><br />I have tried to use the Extract to XML, but this still produces garbled xml, after all the Extract to XML service can only process the data that is al ready set in the output of the decode-service.<br /><br />The problem is that the data for each barcode looks like the following (this is just the value of the first BC after Extract to XML has been executed):<br /><br />istensen</p<br />></body<br />></fld_ForMellemEfterNavn<br />><fld_VejNRpostByEnLinie<br />>Dannervej 108</fld_VejNRpostByEnLinie<br />><fld_PrivatTelefonnummer<br />>20724283</fld_PrivatTelefonnummer<br />></sub_Person<br />></sub_PktA<br />><fld_BlanketNr<br />>kb0371ff</fld_BlanketNr<br />><fld_BarcodeCount<br />/></form1<br />>/sub_Adresse<br />><sub_Person<br />><fld_ForMellemEfterNavn<br />>Kim Christensen</fld_ForMellemEfterNavn><br /><fld_VejNRpostByEnLinie<br />>Superroad 55, 1330 Supertown</fld_VejNRpostByEnLinie<br />><fld_PrivatTelefonnummer<br />>20724283</fld_PrivatTelefonnummer<br />></sub_Person<br />></sub_PktA<br />><fld_BlanketNr<br />>kb0371ff</fld_FormNr<br />><fld_BarcodeCount<br />/></form1<br />></barcode><br /><br />So the problem starts with the beginning "istensen" which is the value of the "fld_ForMellemEfterNavn". This means that the barcode is not read correctly.<br /><br />Today I have tried using a custom trial .NET component (ClearImage) for reading the barcodes, and here the data comes out fine as well, so I guess something is wrong with the decode-service when I am storing compressed data in the form of XML into the barcode.<br /><br />What can I do as my next action?<br /><br />Sincerely<br />Kim


Level 8
Level 8
Oops, something happended with the above post. I will try again... I have tried your suggestion but I still get the same garbled XML (with data repeated and some values "cut in half".<br /><br />Here is what I get after decode-service and extract-to-XML-service. This is just the first barcode, the others are similar, sorry for the poor formatting, but I get a CDATA tage infront of the "istensen" value.<br /> <br />CDATA:istensen</fld_ForMellemEfterNavn<br />><fld_VejNRpostByEnLinie<br />>Superroad 99, 1330 Supertown</fld_VejNRpostByEnLinie<br />><fld_PrivatTelefonnummer<br />>20724283</fld_PrivatTelefonnummer<br />></sub_Person<br />></sub_PktA<br />><fld_BlanketNr<br />>kb0371ff</fld_BlanketNr<br />><fld_BarcodeCount<br />/></form1<br />>/sub_Adresse<br />><sub_Person<br />><fld_ForMellemEfterNavn>Kim Christensen</fld_ForMellemEfterNavn<br />><fld_VejNRpostByEnLinie<br />> Superroad 99, 1330 Supertown </fld_VejNRpostByEnLinie<br />><fld_PrivatTelefonnummer<br />>20724283</fld_PrivatTelefonnummer<br />></sub_Person<br />></sub_PktA<br />><fld_BlanketNr<br />>kb0371ff</fld_BlanketNr<br />><fld_BarcodeCount<br />/></form1<br /><br />Obviously this is not a legal xml-string, so I can do nothing about it.<br /><br />I have tried using a custom .NET component (ClearImage) for reading the same form (with the barcode) I get the correct data out from the barcodes. So I guess something is wrong with the decode-service in Barcoded Forms ES when I use compressed XML. But I can conclude since the ClearImage component can read the barcodes that they are compressed correctly.<br /><br />Can you help me with getting further with this problem?<br /><br />Sincerely<br />Kim