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AWS 6.2 is not able find the HTML forms.


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I'm trying to get an application running, but AWS WebAccess does not seem to be able to find the forms associated with the start task.

Whenever the user clicks on a process on the process list to initiate, a message is displayed on WebAccess stating that the form preferences determine what kinds of forms may be used to display an WorkItem.

Well, the form preferences are set for the user (HTML, PDF, Form Client), all the forms are HTML based, the form folder has EVERYONE FULL CONTROL usage rights, and IIS Security allows anonimous access.

Take a look at http://www.mcrsoftware.com.br/files/tela.zip to see the error screen.

Note that the line that says "This work item is available in these web formats:" is empty... It does not tell the formats availabe.

Help, anyone?

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There are a number of different issues that can cause this to occur. Everything from configuration \ setup of webaccess virtual directory, process file link issues to invalid htm stub.

If you wish to discuss you can send me an email @ jonathan.busko@thomson.com.



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I have gotten that before, when the form itself has errors so it could not render properly. Simplify your test, re-test to trace down where the problem is.

You can just unselect Form Client/PDF from the default user configuration since you don't use those types.