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I've created a process which is assigned to different persons/groups.

First there is only one attachment for the task but in one of the steps the process provides 2 attachments one is read only the other is read/write able.

The user is able to add an attachment.

The problem is the order of the list items att[1]..att[n] in some cases the list is ordered by the list index in other cases not.

How is it possible to fix the order of the list, to enable the process to check if eg. there is a 3rd attachment and save this attachment to content space.




I add an attachment named vaude.pdf





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I may have misunderstood your intention so if I have I apologize in advance! As I understand it, you want to sort the List your attachments are stored in and keep it sorted the same way between user steps. You could do this one of two ways but both revolve around the creation of an algorithm with which to do so:

1) Using SetValues, you can build an algorithm that sorts your List in the way you prefer - such as alphabetically.

2) Using an Execute Script object, you could write a script that runs your List variable through a sort algorithm.

Once again, I may have misunderstood your point. Either way, please let me know if you have any questions.

Josh Boyle


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