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alternative to <mx:webservice>


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i am trying to use a SOAP web service in my flex application,

the <mx:webservice> component.

the problem im facing is that the site which has the WSDL
document is

temporarily down. i have a copy of the WSDL document on my

can i use that copy for making web service calls? if yes,
what should

i enter in the 'wsdl' property of the webservice element, and

should i keep the document in my computer?

if no, other than using the webservice element what
alternatives do i

have to make web service calls?

would appreciate some help,

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You cannot make calls if the webservice uses the backend. You
need the server running for that.

If you use Flex Builder 3, at least you can generate the
classes from the WSDL:

Select Data > Import Web Service (WSDL)...