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After Saving the content, will Dynamic PDF show the modified content while Opening ?


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After Saving the content, will Dynamic PDF show the modified content while Opening ?

I have created a Dynamic PDF with some Rows hidden. these Rows will get visibled dynamically based on some events (For Eg., Clicking the checkbox).

Now I can open that PDF in Adobe Professional/ Adobe Reader. I can do that Event and get that Row Visibled.

My Question is I have closed that Adobe Professional/Adobe Reader after Saving that PDF. Will I be able to see that Row while opening that PDF again. or am i need to do that Event again?

[I know that CheckBox might be selected, but will that make the Row visible while opening itself]
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If your code is run on an event that only fires when the user interacts with it (i.e. a change event or a click event) then no the rows will be invisible still as the events will not fire when the form opens. You will have to take into account the state of the form.


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Thanks for your Reply. I got your Point. But not clearly.

So you meant to say, that Row will be hidden, Even after we save that PDF with the Row Visibled State?

Let me make my question more explained,

1) Create a Dynamic PDF using LiveCycle Designer with one Row Hidden and with one CheckBox having a Click event which makes that Row Visible.

2) Apply the Reader Extensions, so that User can save that PDF.

3) User get that PDF and opens

4) Initially, the Row is Hidden and CheckBox is UnChecked

5) User selects that CheckBox, which makes that Row visible.

4) Now the state of that PDF is, CheckBox is selected and the Row is Visible. User Saves that PDF.

5) User Opens that saved PDF and sees what?

a) CheckBox will be selected and Row will be Hidden

b) CheckBox will be Selected and Row will be visible

c) CheckBox will not be Selected and Row will be Hidden

[Note: That PDF has Reader Extension applied]

I think I have put my Question very clear. Can you please clear my doubt?

thanks in Advance


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Wow, this seems like a quizz ;)

The answer is "C": The checkbox's value is stored as data, but the presence of the row is managed by script triggered by a user-actions. PDF's won't store the visual state of a form. Only data-driven lay-out changes will be restored after reopening a form.

In such case I usually call the event of the control, which manage the presence of the dynamic part, form the initialize event of the form. So at the opening of the, regardless whether it is opened for first time or after a save, the presence of all conditional controls are restored corresponding to the data in the form.


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Got it....

In Such Case,

I think the answer is (a) right? CheckBox will be selected and Row will be Hidden