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Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES8.2 - Patterns


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I am making a form and need some help with patterns.

The form I am trying to create has a box for a "program fee" where the user input the fee cost the next box is the "x number of attendees" where the user puts how many people at attending etc.. I then have a box "subtotal" which multiply the "program fee" with the "x number of attendees". What I need is to have a box where I can add the pattern to work out the GST of the "subtotal" GST is 10% of total cost.

Does anyone know the pattern to work out the percentage of another box i.e the "subtotal".

Once I can get the "GST" worked out I want to be able to have a "total" box where the "subtotal" and "GST" add together.

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Its not a pattern that you want but a script. On the calculate event of the GST box you can enter a command like this:

this.rawValue = subtotal.rawValue * .10;

Then to add all of this up use a command like this on the calculate event of the Total field:

this.rawValue = subTotal.rawValue + GST.rawValue;

These commands are using javascript syntax.