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Can Livecycle do this & how? I am attempting to design an order form/document for rental products & services applicable to muliple events that;

1. Has 5 different order forms for product & services

2. For ease of use I would like use drop down lists & date pickers to assign start & end dates & locations that I set for each "event" so the end user cannot change.

3. The drop-downs & date pickers are to be binded to fields within body text.

4. date sensitive calculator, that is "late order fee" after a specified date

I have played around with Livecycle for a few days now, but I think I need a how to guide from start to finish, because what I have so far is not working.
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I'm sure that LiveCycle Designer can create forms to meet all of those requirements. Unfortunately I personally don't have the time to write a specific guide for all of those tasks but perhaps someone on the forum might.

Instead I'd recommend taking a look at "Creating Dynamic Forms with Adobe LiveCycle Designer", it's a good book which should take you to a fairly advanced level creating and scripting data bound forms. It's not too long either, which is a bonus.



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Ms. Mathison,

It sounds to me like you know what you want but do not have the skills - yet, to do the development. I would suggest you look on the Adobe website for some help developing your form(s) from and Adobe Solutions Partner.

Rick Kuhlmann

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Very novice LiveCycle user. I'm trying to create a button object that will add rows to a form as needed. Can someone please look at my draft and let me know what i'm doing wrong. Did i mention i have zero knowledge in javascript. AND i bought the Creating Dynamic Forms with Adoe LiveCycle Designer and i'm still lost.

Please someone help me!