Adding Rows to Table - duplication of already entered data




I can't seem to find a clear answer while searching....Using LCD 8.0

To my interactive form, I have added a dynamic table, ProjScopeTable, that's bound to my ProjScope table in my Data View. It has only 2 columns - Incl & DoNot_Incl.

I have added an 'Add' & 'Delete' button to add & delete rows - those work great if no data is entered in my table fields.

However, when I enter data in the table fields & click 'Add', I get a new row with the same data from above.

I have a feeling this is due to a Binding issue.. here's what I have

ProjScopeTable's default binding is $record.PROJSCOPE.DATA[*]

Field1's default binding is Incl

Field2's default binding is DoNot_Incl

Can anyone tell me where this is going wrong?








well.. i think I've solved this issue - I'm working in SAP on the backend and had to use the following directions...


Now coming to final solution :

For designing a table in adobe interactive form you have consider following

You have to design the view context upto three level, I am explaining you the properties

PDFDataSource (*Parent Level1*) - Cardinality 1:1 - Signetone -True - This is assigned to datasource

TableList (*Parent Level2*) - Cardinality (1:1) - Signetone -True

TableWrapper(*Parent Level3*) - Cardinality (0:n) - Signetone -True

TableData (*Parent Level4*) - Cardinality (0:1) - Signetone - false (*This is the main point)*

Then under TableData value node, you have to put all your table attributes.

This Value Node name can be anything but hierarchy should be same as I have mentioned above.