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Adding Row To MySQL From Flex


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I am creating a user login system using Flex, and I am having
trouble getting it to add a new row when someone tries to register.
The username and password is sent to the database and a new row is
created, but the row that was created is blank. Therefore, when the
person tries to login, the username and password isn't recognized.
I think the problem is somewhere in my Flex code and not the
database or PHP. Here is the code that calls that database:

<mx:HTTPService id="registerNewUser"
result="checkRegistration(event)" showBusyCursor="true"


<mx:request xmlns="">








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My suggestion is to use a debugger and check where the
variable get's lost. With PHP I used to use xdebug which seems to
work well. But that is mu current suggestion to try to figure out
what is really going on.