A Basic Problem




I design a form (pdf) in Adobe LiveCycle Designer. Then I send that

form (pdf) to my customer for offline use. My customer fills up the

form (pdf) and sends back to me through email. Here I already defined

an email endpoint to start my lifecycle process.

What I want is to get the form (pdf) involved in my defined process,

forward to Mr. A (lets say) for verification and then Mr. A forwards

the same to Mr. B for approval (obviously after verification).

Now the basic question is how do I insert (capture the values filled

by user) the form (pdf) sent by user in my process? Can I use the same

form to forward or should I introduce a new form? I am really


In case of any queries, please feel free to contact me.

Thanks in advance.

Syed Hussain Itiba Naqvi









You can use the same form.

What you want to do is put the form is the document property of a Document Form variable and use that variable as the form data mapping for the user step.

Something like /process_data/myDocForm/object/document = /process_data/@docFromEmail.

Before you do that though, you want to make sure to add the "Inject Form Bridge" operation which will add some JavaScript to your PDF so that it submits properly within workspace.

So to summarize, make sure the document you get from the email is in a "document" variable. Pass that document to the "Inject Form Bridge" operation (look at the RenderPDFForm from the Sample-Forms for an example of usage). Then put that document into the document property of a Document Form variable. Use the Document Form variable as the Input and Output data for the user step.

One note. There is a URL property you can configure on the Document Form that allows you to browse for a file in the repository. You might have to specify a file there. I remember a bug where if the URL parameter is left blank, it causes an error. In your case you don't need a URL, since you pass your own PDF, but you might still have to specify something in there just to avoid the error.