Cron-style Alarm Trigger



Hey there, 

I've set up an action I'd like to run at 12:30am EST every night. I've set up my trigger as the following: 


wsk trigger create test-t4l \                                                                  
  --feed /whisk.system/alarms/alarm \
  --param cron "30 0 * * *" \
  --param stopDate "2021-10-31T23:59:00.000Z"



The trigger is created successfully and when I "get" the trigger, it shows the correct cron schedule. However, I checked the activation logs this morning and the action did not run until 4:30am.

Am I missing a timezone difference or something? I noticed the datetime for when my action is saved is +4 hours compared to EST. 

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Hi @keilorblend360 , the alarms are scheduled in UTC timezone. I hope it should have been fired at the correct time then? Otherwise, please let us know.