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Activation id - different activation for same request


Level 3

Is it possible that for the same runtime action request, one part of the logs will be shown with one activation ID and another part with another?


We have implemented an action used for Server Side Render, and we have implemented a list of strategic applicative logs like:

  • Start SSR -> as first row code of the action
  • ..
  • URL Request path XXX -> for each external HTTP client execution
  • URL Response <> -> as response of the above execution 
  • ..
  • End SSR --> as last row code of the action 

and during the log troubleshooting we are occurring that NOT all the activation ID are started with log "Start SSR" and ended with "End SSR".


Thanks in advance!

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Level 4

Hi @davidef34326447 

Each action activation would map to one activation ID -- there wouldn't be any duplicates. 

One possible reason for additional activations could be sequences. What are the other activations (that are not following your format) returning?


Level 3

thanks for the confirmation. 

We will continue the investigation elsewhere.