No Request Body (Payload) in Privacy Event from Adobe IO Events




I am following the documentation for Subscribing to Privacy Events (found here). 

Things I have done:
1. I have created my local Node.JS/Express App and linked it to ngrok for a public URL.
2. I have linked my webhook ngrok url to a Privacy Events integration and verified the challenge. 
3. I have set up a "post" route on the root "/" and am logging the request, however there is no body:'/', function(request, response) {
  response.send( request.body);



If I go to the "debug tracing" of the events in the integration I set up, it's showing a "payload" with information about the event, including the JobID and what product/action was completed. This "payload" is not visible on the request.


Here is a pastebin of the entire request object logged from console.log(request); There is no body. 

Where am I supposed to get the data from the payload?


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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