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Hi, I don't really know if this is the right place to ask the question... feel free to redirect me if it's not.


As far as I can work out the recommended place to get symbols for InDesign these days is on the Adobe I/O console.

I've got a customer who has Adobe InDesign CC2019 (version installed, she's supplied me with a collection of mini-dumps which I'd like to analyse. But if I go to I/O console then the only symbols that I can find for CC2019 are for version 130 (I assume this is, but it's not clear)...


Where can I get other symbols sets, for this and other versions which have been released to for public consumption?
I'm bound to need others at some point. 😉

Many thanks, either for an answer (preferably with a link to the symbols) or a pointer to someone/somewhere that can help.


Best regards

Caerwyn Pearce







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Caerwyn - just wanted to close the loop on this ticket. I checked internally with the InDesign team and it sounds like you were able to connect directly with someone from the InDesign Developer Program team