Return features for the I/O Console?



Recently, the I/O Console has been updated to a new interface. It looks pretty good except there are two features that have been removed.

Two issues:

1. There is no ability to remove old projects. This isn't a big issue for an individual profile, but when managing for an organization with many integrations, it can be a burden to sift through projects that are no longer active.

2. The creation date has been modified on all of the projects to reflect the transition to the new interface. This isn't helpful since those dates were being used to audit older integrations.


This leads to, two questions:

1. Can you return the feature to delete projects?

2. Can you restore the original creation dates?


Thank you

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Accepted Solutions (1)




The ability to delete projects will be re-introduced in one of the upcoming releases. No timeline is available as of now.


Unfortunately, during the migration to projects, all dates were reset. Apologies for any inconvenience 

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