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Hello! We have a requirement where ServiceNow integrates with adobe to get customer's data (CCPA). In this process, the first step is to generate jwt token. For ServiceNow we need a rest api to be able to automate this process. I see we have rest apis for generating access token, submit access/delete requests and also to check job status. But there is no api to generate jwt token. From other thread (, I could find a python script to automatically generate jwt token, but, ServiceNow cannot use a script. It requires an api. Is there anyway we can achieve this automation using java or a rest api? Has anybody ever tried to integrate from ServiceNow? Also, wondering why adobe doesn't have an api for jwt generation?

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Hi, I think you want to use service now so that your JWT token won't expire after 24 hours(OAuth case).


What I did for this problem to generate JWT dynamically whenever it require. Please check screenshot for the code which can help you. Just add your keys and let me know if it helps you.

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