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Export PDF API Language List


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Hi, the company I work for uses the Export PDF REST API regularly and it works well. However its language list is lacking a few languages. Here's the language list from the documentation:
"en-GB" "en-US" "nl-NL" "fr-FR" "de-DE" "it-IT" "es-ES" "sv-SE" "da-DK" "fi-FI" "nb-NO" "pt-BR" "pt-PT" "ca-CA" "nn-NO" "de-CH" "ja-JP" "bg-BG" "hr-HR" "cs-CZ" "et-EE" "el-GR" "hu-HU" "lv-LV" "lt-LT" "pl-PL" "ro-RO" "ru-RU" "zh-CN" "sl-SI" "zh-Hant" "tr-TR" "ko-KR" "sk-SK" "eu-ES" "gl-ES" "mk-MK" "mt-MT" "sr-SR" "uk-UA" "iw-IL".
My company would like to export documents in Arabic, Hebrew and Thai, to name a few that I can't find here. Are there any plans to add support for these languages/characters in future?
Thanks for your help,
Alain Doutre,
Straker Translations

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