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Looking to build an integration to drive visibility into Enterprise usage. ie: which users are/aren't using their Creative Cloud subscription. Falling short on how to get event/usage data from the Adobe APIs. The Events.io Webhook service looked promising, but it appears designed for single end users, not getting all enterprise info. Can anyone confirm this is the case? Is there something else that exists to get usage/event data from Adobe CC for all users in an enterprise (Webhook or API)? Maybe we missed something here?

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I don't believe this is possible but this question would be best answered by our developer support and you may want to open a case with them Contact Us

I will also move this query to the adobe-io forum.

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Wanted to point out to @alisterblack that going to Developer Support, at the mentioned link  here,and selecting "Adobe I/O Console" just re-directs users back to this Experience League Community without actually reaching any support team. 



I think you need the UM API.

Have a look here:

Getting Started with User Management

If you require help on this specific topic, open a support case inside the Admin Console -> Support menu and ask for developer support on User Management API if the documentation is not sufficient.

EDIT: the UM API will not help on getting events on who is using or who is not using a subscription, rather who is assigned or not to a Product, add/remove/update accounts in Admin Console, get information about Org's groups and users more generally.