API integration coming as Read Only view under Project



Hi Team,

I have developer access in adobe campaign standard.

One of API integrations under Project tab (Adobe I/O) not able to edit, its coming as read only view.

But other API integrations im able to edit.

Is there any option for particular access system for each API integrations Project. or who ever has developer access they can edit any of API integrations project.


Thanks in Advance.

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Hi Arijit. Only System Administrators have access to all entitled APIs by default. If you have a Developer role, you are granted access to specific product profiles for an API.

If a project appears as read-only, that means you have not been granted access to all APIs and corresponding product profiles used in that project. You will need to work with your System Administrators to provide you with access.

Here is more information on how Developers are managed inside the Admin Console:https://helpx.adobe.com/enterprise/using/manage-developers.html